Hotel SEO

Hotel SEO

There are many layers of SEO for hotels;

  1. Organic SEO
  2. Local SEO

Both require the hotel being mentioned throughout the Internet and having either links and citations.

One project I am working on at the moment is for

The Edward Hotel, 

88-92 London Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 3PG

Telephone 01452 525865


Geographical SEO

Geographical SEO

I have just had a meeting about getting more searches for a website based on geographical searches from other towns.

One suggestion I came up with Is to blog about the customers past work and mention  town and county names in the new blog posts naturally.  This should then display my customers site in a wider variety of searches.

My @aboutglos Gloucestershire Guides

My @aboutglos Gloucestershire Guides

As most of my customers, friends and family are based in Gloucestershire and most of my leisure time is spent doing activities in the shire I decided to  set up a few websites as guides and directories covering  all aspects of Gloucestershire life.  I was learning website design when I started  these and have used them to learn, advance and experiment with website design and promotion ideas.

Website Platforms  – This site was designed using dreamweaver, using PHP and SQL to create a directory of local companies.  The site layouts are old hat in terms of using table layouts but will be updated in 2014 to use a responsive layouts to enhance usability for mobile visitors. – This site was built as an extension to as many Cotswold companies and events wanted to come on the site but I felt it wasn’t right to list non Gloucestershire companies. this site will also become responsive in 2014. – This site was to separate the Forest Of Dean parts of my guides as the FOD is a popular tourist destination and I thought a separate site would target the traffic more. is using a responsive website layout so looks good on devices from mobiles to PC’s.  Only aspect for mobile compatibility is the navigation which is work in progress. - I needed a central place where I could easily post articles and news about the above 3 websites, my @aboutglos Twitter account was very popular now nearly 10k followers so decided that would match my brand. is built using the WordPress blogging platform, it was very easy to implement and very easy to add new content, so serves its purpose very well.  One new project for @aboutglos is to use it to learn how to make great templates and then can use this for my own customers.

Gloucestershire Groundwork New Responsive Website Design & SEO

New Project For Gloucestershire Groundwork Company

After 1 year of Go Green Civil Engineering’s lake website launch it has been decided a website just for the ground working aspects of their business would be a good idea.

New Responsive Website Design

A responsive design was decided to be the most suitable as many tradesmen use their mobile devices to find local suppliers, and should be able to make contact easily on their mobile phones.

SEO For Local Groundwork In Gloucestershire

The website should be optimised for phrases relating to groundwork searches in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.  I have compiled a list of the most popular searches and will combine with the place names to get more visitors.  The main search will be Groundwork Gloucestershire

Heating Engineer Gloucester – Website Brick Wall

Heating Engineer Gloucester – Website Brick Wall

Have been trying to improve the search engine position for GL1 Heating Ltd.  For 2 main searches including heating engineer in Gloucester and Quedgeley.

Heating Engineer Gloucester


Have been successful for heating related searches on Bing search engine coming in the top 3, but Google floats between position 6 and 10.

To Do

I feel new content is needed but as dealing with a heating engineer and never having owned a gas central heating system i have writers block mixed with hating engineer problems

What can you write about skip hire companies ?

What can you write about skip hire companies ?

This is what i’m asking myself, I like to live by the rule content is king but really struggling writing much about skips.

I’m writing content for Rutherfords Skip Hire in Gloucester

Good news though is that all other skip companies dont have much text to.

Luxury gazebos Gloucestershire

Future Gazebos By Future Rooms Gloucester

Future gazebos is a new arm of Future Room in Gloucester, gazebos compliment their traditional business of building garden buildings.

What Is A Gazebo ?

Gazebos are typically built of wood and covered with standard roofing materials.  Future Gazebos are freestanding, roofed and open on all sides and can be designed to specification.

Gazebo Photos

  • Luxury Gazebos Gloucester
    Luxury Gazebos Gloucester
  • Luxury Gazebos Gloucestershire
    Luxury Gazebos Gloucestershire
  • Luxury Gazebos Gloucestershire
    Luxury Gazebos Gloucestershire
  • Luxury Gazebos Cheltenham
    Luxury Gazebos Cheltenham
  • Luxury Gazebos Cotswolds
    Luxury Gazebos Cotswolds

Website Hosting – Cheap Hosting – Reliable Web Hosts

Website Hosting – Cheap Hosting – Reliable Web Hosts

Reliable Web Hosts

A good reliable website hosting company is always needed, you have a site for a reason and its best its always available.

Cheap Hosting

Free website hosting is to be avoided if you are serious about your web presence, basic hosting is suitable for most small companies and is available from £20-£30 per year, this can be upgraded as you grow.

Recommended Hosting Companies

I currently use Krysal hosting for my adult website hosting for sites like

Welcome To My New IT & Website Design Blog

Welcome To My New IT & Website Design Blog

My name is Richard Meek and I repair computers in Gloucester, Gloucestershire.  I also design and promote local websites for small companies.

My Computer Repairs Website -

I write this blog in the comfort of my luxury garden room for some piece of quiet.  FutureRooms

My garden rooms is surrounded by a wonder fully landscaped garden constructed by